Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Long-Needed Update

I'm not doing so hot with maintaining this blog. I always end up neglecting it. Life is so beautiful and interesting and I just want to share it.

Well, the end of the semester went well, and I am pleased to announce that I passed my first graduate review and had a very positive response to my work. I want to take better pictures soon, but here are a couple for now:

In other news, I will departing on my long anticipated trip to Ireland in the next couple of days, and I hope I will have lots to share. The only foreign country I have been to prior to this is Mexico, so it's a brand new experience.

New musical experiences include Chromeo and the new Within Temptation and Leaves` Eyes albums. I would like to review the new albums, so here is hoping I will actually do it in the near future.

I also hope to start journaling on a daily basis. A professor suggested it to me, and if I produce anything good, I'm sure I will be sharing.

Other than that, I've been looking at a lot of interesting things online, and I will hopefully post some of the things I found by this weekend.